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Hollard Tracking Device Requirements

Version Date: 04-07-2024


1 Tracking device Required – early warning tracking 2 Tracking Decives Required – 1 must be early warning tracking
Toyota Etios (all models and years) Toyota Hilux (all models and years)
Isuzu S/C (all models and years) Toyota Fortuner (all models and years)
Nissan NP200 (all models and years) Toyota Prado (all models and years)
VW Polo (all models and years) Toyota Land Cruiser (all models and years)
Ford Ranger (all models and years) Lexus (all models manufactured from 2018 onward)
Vehicles not mentioned above R 500 000 and over
We will not pay a claim for theft or hijacking in any of the following instances: One device requirement: The device is not either a radio frequency or an early-warning tracking device which includes vehicle recovery.

Two devices requirement: Neither tracking devices are an early-warning tracking device which includes vehicle recovery (unless we have agreed to a device that is not early warning).

The tracking devices were not in working order at the time of the incident.

Your contract was not active at the time of the incident.

You did not comply with the conditions of that contract.

You did not report the theft or hijacking to the tracking company immediately after the incident.

This Is only a Quick Guide
The tracking device must be tested once every six months or self-tested regularly.

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