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How to request Changes to a Policy?

We have developed a Company Organogram which can be found in the General Section of our Knowledge base or on the Uma Documents section. Refer to consultant alphabet structure to determine who the dedicated consultant will be.

For Personal lines Policies we work according to the Surname of the Client

For Commercial Lines we work with the First Letter of the Company name (Should the name include numbers in front we use the next and First letter Eg. 5523 My Company – We will then use M)



  1. Sent an Email to the dedicated Consultant – Containing all Relevant and required information
  2. Refer to our Required information sheets for what details are required to proceed with different requests.
  3. The Dedicated Consultant will then do the changes as request when it is on our administration software however Direct company policies, our consultants will refer the request to the insurer.
  4. In office policy changes will be done within 24-48 Hours from receiving the request.
  5. Once Changes has been done we will review changes accordingly and should it meet the requirements as requested
  6. The updated policy schedule will be sent to you.

NOTE: Although great care are taken to ensure changes are done accurately and on time. It is important for you to also review the changes, sometimes an error may occur.


Our Consultants are dedicated to keep you up to date on the process of your requests.


Should you not receive any feedback after 48 Hours have passed kindly pop the consultant an email or call the office for follow up.

016 423 6467

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