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How does our Renewal Process work?

Although in some cases we do the renewals in-house, we need to follow strict requirements which are requested by the insurer themselves.

Our in-house renewals are started 60+ days proir to the actual renewal date which provides you sufficiant time to discuss the renewal and request adjustment and negotiations before inception of such renewal.

Some insurers if not all have a minimum percentage based increase requirement per Client / Policy and its loss ratio. The Higher the loss ratio the higher Increase percentage and vise versa.



  1. Month Process are started – Consultant puts the renewal in its Renewal Phase
  2. Review requirements are then checked and implemented to the policy
  3. Should the increase be substantially higher with low loss ratio the consultant will negotiate discount on the renewal or lower percentage increase
  4. Once negotiation has been completed it will be implemented if any.
  5. Consultant will then sent you the renewal for your review.

Please contact Landi for any renewal related questions or Negotiations.

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